Made in Germany
3 years warranty
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Made in Germany
3 years warranty
Free shipping from 70 € (DE)

Flasher Relay R1

Article number: 123.965


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Micro relay for the pros

The R 1 flasher relay has very small dimensions and flashes independently of load at a steady 75 pulses per minute. It also has a connection available for the flasher dashboard light. It is easily installed into the feed to the indicator switch, or can be swapped with the original 2-3 pole flasher relay. It is therefore suitable for all motorcycles with indicator switches. Should the change to LED indicators result in the non-intentionally activated indicators also flashing; then the indicator control light must also be connected to the R 1 relay. The ‘hazard warning’ effect will then be effectively All necessary components required for installation are included.


  • Simple installation in feed to the indicator switch or swap the original 2-3 pole flasher relay
  • Connection to indicator control light also possible
  • Restricts the accompanying flashing of non-activated indicators
  • Load-independent / steady flash rate
  • Switching capacity 0-50W by 12V/ 0-24W by 6V
  • Very small dimensions 22 x12 x 6 mm (L/W/H)
  • Suitable for indicator switches
  • Suitable for 6 and 12 volt DC applications
DC on-board power supply: 12 V
Functional features: Flasher relay
Height: 6 mm
Length (without thread/fastening): 22 mm
Model years: alle / andere / unbekannt
Technology: LED
Wide: 12 mm