BL 2000

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Be seen but not seen With the BL 2000 bikers can design the handlebar end of their bike in... more

Be seen but not seen

With the BL 2000 bikers can design the handlebar end of their bike in a new way and have a high performance indicator at the same time, making it also an attractive option for sports bikes. Its tinted ring-shaped glass sits unobtrusively in the black metal housing and gives the handlebar a tasteful ending.

Although the indicator mounts discreetly on the motorcycle, when in use it shows its true size and will surprise you with its highly noticeable bright flashing. Thias is achieved by the use of the very latest development in Kellermann HighPower LED Technology**. All necessary adapters are supplied for mounting on to most model handlebars.*

* Electronical accessories may be required to match indicators signal frequency.
** Combination out of the IC operated Longlife Protection Guard® system with high-performance-LEDs latest type of construction.

ECE-tested for front

  • Ring-shaped glass – spectacularly bright
  • An indicator which is also an elegant complement to your handlebar
  • Indicators visually merge into the bike when not in use
  • Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
  • Longlife Protection Guard®, IC operated, 330 kHz
  • High quality metal housing
  • Suitable for 12 volt DC applications
mounted variation: Handlebar end indicator
type of vehicle: Blinker für Motorräder
Indicator variation: Blinker
ECE-tested: für vorne
technology: Kellermann HighPower LED Technologie
Suitable for: 12V
color of glass: klar, stark getönt
ECE-type approval ECE type approval BL2000 mehr
Mounting instruction Mounting instruction BL 2000 deutsch+englisch mehr
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