Tank vs. Plagiarism

Tank vs. Plagiarism

On the 10.04.2013 in Fürstenau 1900 pieces of plagiarism with big similarity to our Kellermann indicator type micro 1000 were destructed with a tank.

Information and facts about the destruction of plagiarism

Tank: M48, built 1958
Cylinder: 12
Cylinder capacity: 30 liter
Engine power: 820 PS
Plagiarism: 1900 pieces

During the past month the Kellermann company recognized plagiarism from far eastern in Europe. While tracing, the 1900 pieces of plagiarism were found and the salesman had to hand them over face to face.

Manager Guido Kellerman: “We take a stand against plagiarism to show that we have the ability to defend our own intellectual property”
Without protection of ideas and the products which araise out of those ideas our society is going to lose its innovation and progress. 

Take a look at our YouTube video: 

Tank vs. Plagiarism


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