Kellermann CR4: The magic box for motorcycles - Indicate, warn, break, start, alarm and much more!

Kellermann CR4: The magic box for motorcycles - Indicate, warn, break, start, alarm and much more!

Kellermann – the experts for motorcycle accessories from Aachen, Germany – present for the upcoming bike season the all new indicator relay Kellermann CR4, a real magic box for the motorcycle.

The Kellermann CR4 is the ultimate all-in-one solution for motorcycles with indicator switch when LED indicators are being installed. The load independent indicator relay elevates the functionality of older motorcycles to an up-to-date level and even optimizes the electronics of currently released bikes.

For the biker the CR4 has many new controlling options on offer: Indicate, warn, break, start, alarm und much more. But the clear message is: Only use what you really want. The biker decides what functions the Kellermann CR4 should control.

The core competence of the CR4 is the comfort flasher for all indicators (LED type and build type): with a perfect pulse of 75 flashes per minute.

But the magic box can do much more: It’s also an adaptive break light, a hazard flasher, a starter assistant and an alarm unit.

The adaptive break light makes the ride safer. Emergency or very strong breaking will create a flashing break light that will urgently warn the following traffic.

The alarm unit signals thieves its readiness with a control light and reacts on movements or shocks with warning signals from horn and indictors.

The starter assistant lets the engine start after the hand break is pulled three times.

And the hazard flasher can run without the ignition key, until shut of manually or by the battery protection.

The Kellermann CR4 clearly is a smart and all-in-one solution for the electronics of the motorcycle. And it can be installed without much fuzz, the wires connect directly to the indicator relay.


Kellermann CR4 overview:

  • Made in Germany
  • ECE-tested
  • Load independent with a steady flash rate (75/min)
  • Indicator unit with convenience functions
  • Alarm Unit
  • Hazard warning unit
  • Suitable for turn indicator switches
  • Alarm unit responds to changes in position and vibration
  • Battery protection switching
  • Intuitive operation
  • Prevents the accompanying flashing of non-activated indicators
  • Turn indicator reset memory
  • Simple exchange relay installation, only additional horn and constant live connections required
  • Slim housing 80x21x12 [mm] (L/W/H) for installation almost anywhere on the motorcycle
  • High quality metal casing
  • Suitable for Motorcycles with 12 Vollt electrical systems

Kellermann CR4 – Perfect indicator and electronic tuning in a box!




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