Kellermann Atto®: New versions for the season!

Kellermann Atto®: New versions for the season!

Atto® now available as position light WL, RB Dark and in chrome

The Kellermann GmbH (, experts for premium motorcycle accessories from Aachen in Germany, presents new versions of the highly successful Atto® family for the 2018 season: Atto® WL, Atto® RB Dark and Atto® chrome.

The Atto® WL will be the first pure position light from Kellermann.

The rear and break light Atto® RB will soon be also available as Atto® RB Dark with tinted glass.

The complete Atto® family with clear glass will also be offered in a stylish chrome casing.

Atto® WL: The white position light!

With the Atto ® WL/WL Dark Kellermann for the first time presents a pure position light within the Atto® family. The abbreviation ‘WL‘ stands for ‘white light‘.

These European style position lights are beaming parallel to the main light and substitute the original park/marker lights. They can be installed together or now also separately from the indicators. With this new option the bike can be styled with a unique light design!

The optimized light channeling is managed through a smart system of lenses and reflectors. This is a result of the EXtranz® - Extreme Optical Transparency and the amazing Kellermann HighPower LED technology.

The complete electronics of the Atto® WL are in the casing, this indicator can be plugged into the 12 volt net directly.

Atto® WL: Light design for the bike!

The Atto® WL/WL Dark will be available from the Start of May at a retail price of 59.95 Euro.

Atto® RB Dark: The ‘red dot‘ now also available with tinted glass

The possibly smallest street legal rear and break light in the world for motorcycles will soon also be available as Atto® RB Dark with tinted glass.

The dark glass and the compact size let the spectacular rear and break light disappear even more when installed on the bike. The Atto® RB Dark offers endless options to individually style and consequently ‘minimize’ the motorcycle.

Kellermann introduced the amazing Atto® RB at the Custombikeshow in Germany in December and now follows up with the tinted glass version. The break light of the Atto® RB Dark warns with an intensity that is second to none in the market. It keeps the following traffic at a distance. Important is not the size, but the illuminating power.

Therefore the Atto® RB is enhancing safety on the road, TÜV-certified of course, like all Kellermann products.

Atto® RB Dark: the rear and break light with build in ‘stealth function‘!

The Atto® RB Dark will be available from the Start of April for a retail price of 64.95 Euro.

Atto® family in chrome – the ‘small’ one now even more exclusive!

The highly successful Atto® family with clear glass will soon be available in chrome versions. The extremely small indicators from Kellermann will get an even more exclusive outfit. The Atto® family in chrome is continuing a well known tradition of the Kellermann brand: Minimize and create at the same time!

Even though the Atto® family is very small indeed, the chrome version it creates a buzz already before displaying the well know Kellermann illumination power.

With its shiny surface this indicator is a design statement for Choppers and other bikes with a cool chrome look.

Atto® family in chrome: small and classy!

The Atto® in chrome is estimated to be available from End of March for a retail price of 64.95 Euro.

The Atto® RB in chrome is estimated to be available from the Start of April for a retail price of 64.95 Euro.

Atto® family features:
- Sensationally small – spectacularly bright
- EXtranz® - Extreme Optical Transparency Technology
- Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
- Long Life Protection Guard®, IC operated, 330 kHz
- High quality metal housing
- Suitable for 12 volt DC applications
- With M5x0,5x6,5mm fastening screw
- European design protection

Kellermann company profile:
The Kellermann company ( from Aachen, Germany, is a manufacturer of high quality motorcycle accessories. The company is one of the
market leaders in the segment of high tech indicators for motorbikes. In the motor bike scene the noble products are true cult and only referred to as ‘Kellerman’s‘.
These indicators set trends in the market and open up a new world on how to personalize motorcycles. Kellermann delivers high tech without any compromise in
an elegant and innovative design.

Kellermann GmbH
Jülicher Str. 336 . 52070 Aachen . . Phone: +49 (0)241-9 38 08- 0 .

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