Innovative cooperation: Kellermann supports solar buggy team with LED indicators and consulting

Innovative cooperation: Kellermann supports solar buggy team with LED indicators and consulting

The Kellermann company ( from Aachen, Germany, is supporting the solar buggy team of the university Hochschule Bochum and their new project.

The experts for high quality motorcycle accessories are providing the new solar buggy with their high performance indicator micro 1000 Extreme black. On top of that, Kellermann will consult the team and project with regards to light engineering.

Company CEO Guido Kellermann, himself a graduate in aerospace engineering of the university TU Aachen, is very much in favor of the project: “Two really innovative partners have joined forces here. We are happy to do our share in order to make this a successful project.“

Marc Blüge, responsible for the electrics of the solar buggy, commented: “With Kellermann we have the ideal consulting partner on our side, they know all about LED technology and we both have a similar approach when it comes to innovation.“

The students are converting a beach buggy with a conventional combustion engine to an electric power system, fueled by solar energy. The group is a spin-off of the highly successful Solarcar Team of the Hochschule Bochum. Two years ago that team was runners-up at the World Solar Challenge in Australia and last year overall winner of the European Solar Challenge.

The new solar buggy project has been running for two years and the vehicle is technically ready to go. It was already a much recognized guest at the Formula E racing series in Monte Carlo this year. The next big goal is a challenge in Australia at the End of the year. There the team and the solar buggy will tackle the more than 1000 kilometer long Tanami Road. The task is to complete the challenge with solar energy only and set a new Guinness World Record.

When driving under the harsh Australian sun the indicators must work energy efficient and indicate strong and bright at the same time. This is just the right job for the Kellermann micro 1000 Extreme dark. This indicator has the European E6 approval of the authorities and can be used on all kinds of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles, quads and ATVs to cars and trucks. And now the amazing solar buggy joins the ranks.

You can follow the developments of the buggy project on this website: 



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