For a safer ride – Indicators with position lights by Kellermann

For a safer ride – Indicators with position lights by Kellermann

When it comes to safety and motorcycles, the German company Kellermann from Aachen has been driving the development in this segment for more than 10 years. Kellermann is famous for high performance indicators and innovative light solutions. The company now is a manufacturer of high quality motorcycle accessories and has established itself as one of the trendsetters in this segment.

With the development of strong LED position lights in indicators Kellermann has a breakthrough product in its line up and once again is increasing the safety potential for motorcycle riding. The visibility of motorcycles is increased with an almost day light performance of the position light. It decreases the risk, that others overlook the motorcycle on the road.

The numbers of the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) are speaking a clear language: 82 percent of all accidents with serious injuries happen during the day. More than three percent of these accidents could be avoided, if the motorcycle would be better visible. That’s where the position lights of Kellermann come into the game. Even when the bike is parked, day or night, these position lights increase the safety by a high degree, because they are so powerful.
Kellermann’s position lights are the strongest in the market and a real alternative to daytime headlights. Kellermann is offering three LED indicators with position lights. Next to the well established BL 1000 PL there are also the mico 1000 PL and micro rhombus PL indicators available with position lights.

The BL 1000 PL is famous with street fighters, choppers und naked bikes, the micro 1000 really fits on any bike and the micro Rhombus PL has is a pick for the drivers of sport bikes and street fighters.

The prices for these different position lights range from 69.95 und 94.95 Euro, depending on model and material. All indicators and position lights are available in black and chrome, all come with well known Kellermann quality and state of the art design. And with the extra package of safety for the motorcycle rider, even during the day.



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