Cool bikes want Kellermann

Precious lights for the dream machines of the world

If somewhere in the world a new custom motorcycle dream is put into reality, the chances are high that award winning indicators from German company Kellermann are part of the package.

The experts for motorcycle accessories from Aachen are known for their compact size and innovative shape. It makes them the favored choice among designers. The Kellermann team is always happy to find their products on the newest creations at shows around the world.

Recent spectacular bikes with that special Kellermann effect included: ‘Soltador’ Hamann, ‘Wattman’ Voxan or Suzuki „FatMile“, part of the Creative Custom Project 101. The latest Intermot in Cologne, the biggest motorcycle show in the world, showed that the list is much longer. Many new spectacular creations where equipped with Kellermann and especially the magnificent AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building proofed that.

A custom motorcycle is a motorcycle with stylistic and/or structural changes to the ‘standard’ mass-produced machine offered by major manufacturers. Custom motorcycles might be unique, or built in limited quantities.

The indicators play different roles on a custom bike. Either the designers want to make them disappear in order to not have them affect the overall look, but need indicators to get legally get the bike on the road. Compact Kellermann indicators with maximum light power are therefore often the logic choice.

Or the award winning and innovative designed Kellermann indicators are put in place to add an extra spice to the overall look and feel of the bike creation.

One of the clear favorites is the dark series by Kellermann: black styling with daylight-bright performance. The combination of the perfect beam with reliable HighPower LED Technology and the IC operated Long Life Protection Guard® system with a strong glass tint offers new styling options for the motorcycle.

The DF family by Kellermann supports the designers when it comes to minimizing: Innovative indicator-brake-rear light combination – all-in-one.

And finally the BL 2000 series: a small handlebar end turn indicator which elegantly completes the line of the bars.
 The recently introduced Kellermann Bullet 1000 is also all set to create a buzz among designers and all bike riders when it hits the markets in spring 2015.

The experts for motorcycle accessories have created an impressive combination: An indicator with the classic bullet look, but equipped with modern LED technology.

Therefore the claim for the new product makes lots of sense: Classic meets high-tech. The result is an outstanding indicator with lots of additional functions.

This new trendsetter by Kellermann is ready to add some extra design spice to cool bikes.



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