25 years of cult from Germany: Kellermann indicators shine more bright than ever before!

The Kellermann company (www.kellermann-online.com) from Aachen, Germany celebrates its 25th birthday this year. Kellermann is one of the market leaders in segment of high tech indicators for motorbikes. In the motor bike scene the noble products are true cult and only referred to as ‘Kellerman’s‘. These indicators set trends in the market and open up a new world on how to personalize your motorcycle. And the reasons are clear: Kellerman delivers high tech without any compromise in an elegant design. But there will be no time for big celebrations in 2014 at Kellermann: Some amazing new products are in the pipeline and they again wil set standards in the indicator market.

Nearly all engineers and technical staff of Kellermann come from the highly rated RWTH University in Aachen. This team has the knowhow to continuously develop the products of Kellermann. The result is a competency second to none in the whole industry.

The major stepping stone in company history was the development of ‘BL 1000’ indicator in 1996 and 1997. This indicator has established the good name of Kellermann in terms of innovation, design, quality and exclusivity. And that is when the products came to be known as ‘Kellermans’. Since then they are a synonym for quality and design without compromise. The follow up product in 2011 received the prestigious ‘Red Dot Design Award’.

Kellermann is winning prizes and top positions in tests with amazing regularity. In the ‘Best Brand 2013‘ test of the ‘Motorrad‘ magazine the company reached a remarkable third rank in the segment of accessories. But that’s not all. Because in the accompanying product test of the same magazine the new ‘micro 1000 extrem‘ indicator beat the competition by far and won first spot. To get this feedback from experts and the clients is the important bench mark for Kellermann.

The technical infrastructure of Kellermann is outstanding. The company uses valuable 3D-CAD systems and simulation software to calculate the performance of the new indicator virtually. This is important in order to reach and exceed the regulations of the European authorities. All products are tried and tested in Germany and meet the strict ’ECE‘ guidelines. Therefore the client can install the new indicator right away and does not have to show up at the technical inspection.

So in 2014 the champagne will flow at times at Kellermann. But not really to celebrate the 25 years of success, but rather at events presenting the new generation of Kellermann indicators. That’s how Kellermann will make history again and set new bench marks in the indicator industry.



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