25 years of cult from Germany

25 years of cult from Germany: ‘Kellermans’ shine more bright than ever before!


Dear clients,

We would like to celebrate with you and all the friends of Kellermann our 25th anniversary in 2014! And we thank you for your support in all these years. More than ever before it is an honor for us to
develop and manufacture useful and beautiful products for motorcycles.

Of course, we are a little bit proud of what we achieved:
The major stepping stone in our company history was the development of ‘BL 1000’ indicator in 1996 and 1997. This indicator has established the good name of Kellermann in terms of innovation, design,
quality and exclusivity. And that is when our products came to be known as ‘Kellermans’. Since then they are a synonym for quality and design without compromise. The follow up product in 2011 received
the prestigious ‘Red Dot Design Award’.

We are winning prizes and top positions in tests with amazing regularity. In the ‘Best Brand 2013‘ award of the ‘Motorrad‘ magazine we reached a remarkable third rank in the general segment
of accessories. The first two spots were taken by bigger mail to order companies, but the products they offer can not be compared to the Kellermann range.But that’s not all. Because in
the accompanying product test of the same magazine our new ‘micro 1000 extreme‘ indicator beat the competition by far and won first spot. A quote from this benchmark test: „Kellermann
is worth every penny.“ This shows, that Kellermann offers top quality for an affordable price.To get this feedback from experts and you - our clients - is the important bench mark for us at

Our technical infrastructure is outstanding. We use valuable 3D-CAD systems and simulation software to calculate the performance of the new indicator virtually. This is important in order to reach and
exceed the regulations of the European authorities. All products are tried and tested in Germany and meet the strict ’ECE‘ guidelines. That is the reason, why Kellermann is the synonym for quality and
a long-life cycle, a philosophy that is in line with the 25th anniversary of the company.

So in 2014 the champagne will fl ow at times in our company. But not really to celebrate the 25 years of success, but rather at events presenting the new generation of Kellermann indicators. That’s how we
at Kellermann will make history again and set new bench marks in the indicator industry.

As a German manufacturer based in Aachen we offer an outstanding and permanently monitored product quality and a customer focused service.

We thank you for support and we promise to keep on working hard to earn your trust!

Sincerly yours
Guido Kellermann




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