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Made in Germany
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Daytime running lights for motorcycles– Simply explained!

All you need to know:

The use of daytime running lights for motorcycles is mandatory in many countries to increase road safety through better visibility. 
Daytime running lights increase visibility during the day, reducing the risk of collisions with other road users.
Fog lights - often referred to as "auxiliary lights" - are not daytime running lights and may only be used in poor visibility conditions below 50 meters.

Daytime running lights in Germany:

Laws and guidelines

  • Daytime running lights are mandatory for motorcycles in Germany. Those who do not have daytime running lights can retrofit separate daytime running lights or use the low beam.

  • The daytime running lights must be wired so that they are automatically switched on when the engine is stared. The low beam must then be switched off.

  • The daytime running light and position light functions may be installed together in one casing, in which case the daytime running light is dimmed to marker light (parking light).

  • The position light shines parallel to the low beam, while the daytime running light may not shine at the same time as the low beam.

  • Legally required for daytime running lights on motorcycles is a brightness of minimum 400 candelas and a maximum of 1200 candelas.

  • The legally required number of daytime running lights and marker lights is one light in the centre or two lights symmetrically to the centre line of the vehicle.

  • The legally required brightness applies here to each light separately.

  • In the case of two symmetrically mounted lights, each light may therefore have a maximum brightness of 1200 candelas.

Kellermann Dayron® - Retrofit daytime running light:

The Dayron® daytime running light delivers the maximum light output of 1200 candela per light, providing the legal maximum light output in two lights totalling 2400 candela. 

Many singular daytime running lights from the factory are just above the minimum output of 400 candela, depending on the manufacturer and model a little more or a little less. Thus, the two daytime running lights of Kellermann offer a multiple light power compared to the standard daytime running lights.

The use of two daytime running lights has several significant advantages. They visually widen the silhouette of the vehicle. This helps especially with the perception of oncoming traffic, as many road users focus on large and wide vehicles and motorcycles are more easily overlooked. 
The doubled light output is particularly impressive, as each light can reach the maximum brightness of 1200 candela.

The Dayron® daytime running light is the world's first high-performance daytime running light for motorcycles with intelligent light control.

For some motorcycle models a technology set is available.
Together with the technology set, the Dayron® daytime running lights form a system that can be fully integrated into the onboard electronics. This complete system solution can be installed by plug & play, so no manual switching is necessary.
 A light sensor automatically switches to the low beam in darker light conditions. At the same time, the daytime running light is dimmed to position light.

Singular daytime running light on factory motorcycles:

A production daytime running light for motorcycles refers to the factory-installed daytime running light. 
This light is not a retrofitted or modified accessory but is installed directly by motorcycle manufacturers during production. Often the low beam serves as the daytime running light. Newer motorcycles are often also offered with separate daytime running lights. 

In most cases, this is then also a singular centrally mounted daytime running light.

The functions and features of a standard daytime running light can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model, but the standard daytime running light only must reach a minimum brightness of 400 candela.

Fog lights - use as auxiliary lights:

Fog lights are often also referred to as "auxiliary lights".

However, these are not daytime running lights, and they may only be used in poor visibility conditions below 50 meters. However, they may then shine parallel to the daytime running lights or low beam headlights.

The use of fog lights is regulated by law so that other road users are not blinded.

The main purpose of fog lights is to better illuminate the road and the surrounding area in poor visibility conditions, especially in fog, rain, or snow. Fog lights are usually designed to produce a wide and flat beam of light that can penetrate better in foggy or low visibility conditions. 
The focus is on illuminating the road surface. Fog lights help drivers see obstacles and other road users earlier. The primary aim is to enable the motorcyclist to see more at close range.

Fog lights are an important safety feature that helps prevent accidents in low visibility conditions, but they should be used responsibly.

If the wide light beam is used during the day in good visibility conditions, it can dazzle other road users. 
This negative effect is even stronger if the lights are incorrectly installed or directed upwards! This can affect road safety, as dazzled drivers may have difficulty seeing the road and other vehicles clearly.

In summary:

Retrofit daytime running lights are designed to increase visibility during the day without blinding other road users.

To ensure road safety and ensure that vehicles are clearly visible during the day, most traffic authorities and legislators recommend the use of special daytime running lights that comply with current regulations.

Motorcyclists should therefore comply with local laws and regulations and use daytime running lights that are approved for daytime use to ensure safety on the road.

Retrofit daytime running lights such as the Kellermann Dayron provide maximum daytime light output for better visibility on the road, minimize the risk of blinding and are legal to operate even in good visibility.

More visibility and safety through brighter, retro-fittable and legally compliant daytime running lights for motorcycles!