Made in Germany
5 years warranty
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Made in Germany
5 years warranty
Free shipping from 70 € (DE)

Kellermann Magazin

Milwaukee in Mittelhessen: With One Way Machine the Atto travels the world!

The first contact from Asia or somewhere else in the world often comes via email, ‘and that is very ok’, says Julian von Oheimb. Later, there will be enough time to arrange face time, digitally or personally, with the demanding clients. The man behind One Way Machine knows the challenge time zones can bring to family life when the next high end Harley project is on the horizon.­read more

When will you have your Kellermann moment?

You walk around your bike, checking it out from different perspectives and think: What can I improve, how do I make it look even better… How will it really become my bike?­read more

Behind the scenes: Jetstream taking the stage 

Nothing beats reality. Sounds a bit pathetic, right? But when it comes to the Kellermänner lights this is absolutely true. Anybody who sees the strong lights from Aachen in action for the first time will never want to go back to second best or cheap me-too products. But more than ever photos and clips are playing an important role, in the world of social media they are the essence. The biker of today is going online to check for accessories and lets his fantasy go wild on what could take his bike to the next level. ­read more

Down Under: Long beards and compact indicators!

A man with a jet helmet and a super long Father Christmas beard is cruising very relaxed on a small but highly modified motorcycle through Perth, the biggest city in Western Australia. He has chosen the coolest Corner of Perth: Fremantle. ‘Posh’ or ‘hip’, the Aussie would say, or simply just the place to be.­read more

Black Bike - Lights in the Black Forest: A photo and its story

A guy with red and black lumberjack shirt sits on a fine Café Racer, the Kellermann lights shine bright on the bike, the whole scene is placed in a cult style retro setting. It looks completely staged yet natural at the same time. Maybe something like this is only possible in the German Schwarzwald, internationally know as the mystic Black Forest. People just do their thing in this part of the word. And this particular man does just that and his name is almost a legacy: Alex Schwarz.­read more

Kellermann and Pembleton Sports Cars

Kellermann is proud to equip the Pembleton Super Sport car of British manufacturer Pembleton Motor Company from Bayton, Worcestershire ( with its Bullet 1000 indicator.

The Pembleton Super Sport is the first turnkey model of Pembleton Motor Company. Since 1999 the company and its owner Phil Gregory have produced over 500 kits of its Pembleton sports car. His son Guy Gregory is now in charge of Pembleton Sports Cars and will build turnkey models of the car: “For us it was important to source parts for our new model that are of high quality and look great.”­read more

Kellermann and the solar buggy in Australia

The solar buggy of the university Hochschule Bochum was equipped with the high-performance indicator micro 1000 Extreme black.

The students converted a beach buggy with a conventional combustion engine to an electric power system, fueled by solar energy. The group is a spin-off of the highly successful Solarcar Team of the Hochschule Bochum. The team was runners-up at the World Solar Challenge in Australia and overall winner of the European Solar Challenge.­read more