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Made in Germany
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With the Dayron in the North of Ireland

If there is one country in Europe where the weather can never be predicted so accurately, it is without a doubt Ireland. Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and with an almost endless coastal road, the island is also an interesting destination and a special challenge for motorcyclists. Diffuse light conditions between rain and sun and then rain again do not necessarily contribute to the visibility of motorcycles. No mistake, therefore, to equip a well-run in Honda Transalp with the latest lighting technology and to provide more safety with the fine Dayron daytime running light from Kellermann.  read more

Thornton Hundred and Kellermann Bullet: Match made in...

...Milton Keynes! Don't you know it? It's pretty much between London and Birmingham and is considered one of the most innovative cities in England. And just around the corner is Silverstone, a name that needs no further explanation. So, as is so often the case in the Kingdom, tradition and modernity come together again and again, and Thornton Hundred Motorcycles is no exception. read more

Tucker Powersports wird exklusiver US-Vertriebspartner für Kellermann

Tucker Powersports hat eine exklusive Vertriebsvereinbarung mit der Kellermann GmbH bekanntgegeben, dem deutschen Hersteller von Hightech-Premium-Beleuchtungsprodukten für Motorräder. Kellermann, bekannt für seinen preisgekrönten Stil und seine enorme Popularität in der Custom-Bike-Community, hat nun Zugang zu den Tausenden von Händlern in Tuckers Händlernetz, während Tucker sich eine weitere exklusive Partnerschaft mit einem führenden Technologieunternehmen im Powersport sichert. mehr lesen

Salon du 2 roues – Kellermann auf größter Motorradmesse in Frankreich

„Ah, ça marche ici!“ – Kurz nach dem Start des „Salon du 2 roues“ war klar: Das läuft hier! Die mittlerweile unangefochten größte Motorradmesse Frankreichs zog schon am Eröffnungstag viele Fachbesucher an und am Wochenende brach sogar der Verkehr im Osten von Lyon zusammen. Und es lohnte sich: Mehrere große Hallen mit fast allen Herstellern der Branche, Anbietern von Bekleidung und Zubehör, Customizern, Clubs und Teststrecken – ein Paradies für alle Freunde des motorisierten Zweirads. mehr lesen

Motorcyle World meets up in Milano – Kellermann at EICMA

The return of the EICMA last year fest a bit slow after the forced break, but this year was full speed ahead again. Die motorcycle world made Milano once again its unmatched meeting place. All halls were full, both with stands and visitors. The euphoria around two wheel mobility is alive, maybe more than ever before.

Kellermann showcased its products in hall 22 at the stand of SGR-IT, the new strong Partner in Italy. On the first days the meetings with journalists and international clients were in the focus. At the weekend the motorcycle crazy Italian crowd fully took over. Maximum excitement in Milano!read more

MBE Verona 2023 – Strahlende Neuauflage mit Kellermann!

Verona ist eine dieser Städte, die immer wieder neu beindrucken können. Ob es frische Inszenierungen im legendären und jahrhundertealten Amphitheater sind oder jetzt die Auferstehung der internationalen Customizer Show MBE (Motor Bike Expo) nur ein paar Kilometer weiter. Bei strahlendem Sonnenschein strömten die Motorradfreunde gleich am ersten Tag auf das Messegelände. mehr lesen

Morgan and Kellermann - tradition at low flying altitude

Time and time again genius inventors develop an unusual idea into a product ready for the markets and create a brand icon in the process.

That’s what happened more than a hundred years ago in Malvern Link, England and more than 30 years ago in Aachen, Germany. Kellermann is the synonym for premium lights on motorcycles and other vehicles, Morgan is known for exclusive sports cars. And both companies are known for a design which relates to the consequent form follows function concept of more

Deus Ex Machina and Kellermann - Custom als Lifestyle

When Dare Jennings, the founder of Deus Ex Machina, was presented personally with the range of Kellermann products a few years ago, you could see this little flash in his eyes. Sure, partly that was the result of the extreme illumination power of the ‘Kellermanner’, especially from the then just launched now cult indicator Kellermann Atto. But Jennings was also immediately the successful entrepreneur again, who felt like he just discovered something new and more

Kellermann in Brittany – with Seb Kustom

They say Paris is the city of love, but can stress you out. But Lyon, the second biggest city in France, and well-known food capital is a hectic metropole as well. Local Sebastien Vernaison decided, that this is not the atmosphere he wanted to continue with his passion: building custom motorcycles. So, he moved to the North-western corner of France: Brittany. People there are rough as the weather is but welcoming at the same time, and they are definitely not stressed out. Just perfect to take your time and build your dreams on two wheels.  read more

Über 7000 Inseln, aber wo sind die Attos?

Da kann man schon mal die Übersicht verlieren: Ganz tief im Südosten Asiens erstrecken sich die Philippinen mit über 7000 Inseln über einige Breitengrade. Und in diesem subtropischen Land ist Kellermann schon seit Jahren das Zubehör der Wahl bei den Besitzern hochwertiger Motorräder. Doch wo gehen die ganzen Attos und andere Produkte von Kellermann genau hin? mehr lesen

Kellermann and the solar buggy in Australia

The solar buggy of the university Hochschule Bochum was equipped with the high-performance indicator micro 1000 Extreme black.

The students converted a beach buggy with a conventional combustion engine to an electric power system, fueled by solar energy. The group is a spin-off of the highly successful Solarcar Team of the Hochschule Bochum. The team was runners-up at the World Solar Challenge in Australia and overall winner of the European Solar Challenge.­read more

Down Under: Long beards and compact indicators!

A man with a jet helmet and a super long Father Christmas beard is cruising very relaxed on a small but highly modified motorcycle through Perth, the biggest city in Western Australia. He has chosen the coolest Corner of Perth: Fremantle. ‘Posh’ or ‘hip’, the Aussie would say, or simply just the place to be.­read more

Kellermann and Pembleton Sports Cars

Kellermann is proud to equip the Pembleton Super Sport car of British manufacturer Pembleton Motor Company from Bayton, Worcestershire ( with its Bullet 1000 indicator.

The Pembleton Super Sport is the first turnkey model of Pembleton Motor Company. Since 1999 the company and its owner Phil Gregory have produced over 500 kits of its Pembleton sports car. His son Guy Gregory is now in charge of Pembleton Sports Cars and will build turnkey models of the car: “For us it was important to source parts for our new model that are of high quality and look great.”­read more