Made in Germany
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Made in Germany
installation safety
Free shipping from 70 € (DE)

World premiere: Kellermann Dayron® - The intelligent daytime running light system with smart control and ECE approval!

Unique: Complete integration of the daytime running light in on-board electronics via DRL device!

Unmatched: Brightest lights in the market ensure maximum visibility!

Kellermann Dayron®, the world's first high-performance daytime running light for motorcycles with intelligent light control and ECE approval. As a specialist for lighting technology on motorcycles, Kellermann offers for the first time and as the only manufacturer a solution that can be completely integrated into the onboard electronics of the motorcycle. The world innovation Dayron® is offered as a pure daytime running light with position light and with the Dayron® i as a daytime running light with position light and indicator function. No other manufacturer in the world has a comparable innovative lighting product in its range, Kellermann is successfully breaking new ground and creating a complete system solution for modern motorcycles. 

The Dayron® daytime running light system is installed with the support of motorcycle-specific plug & play solutions. The integration into the onboard electronics of the motorcycle is done by the DRL device (Daytime Running Light Module). This intelligent DRL device controls the perfect coordination and communication of all components with the motorcycle's onboard electronics. The Dayron® daytime running light system also delivers the automatic light control between low beam, daytime running light and position light required by law. Kellermann is thus the only manufacturer to date to offer a retrofit daytime running light with ECE approval for installation on the latest generation of motorcycles. At the start, this intelligent system solution is available for the BMW R 1250 GS and R nineT models as well as the Harley-Davidson Pan America, with other brands and models to follow later. Auxiliary lights with other functions can continue to be operated after the daytime running light system has been installed.

With the highest light output of all ECE-approved daytime running lights on the market, the Dayron® ensures greater visibility of the motorcycle and thus reduces the risk of accidents. Thanks to the sensational brightness, every motorcycle with Dayron® daytime running lights is seen much better by other road users during the day and at dusk - more safety through greater visibility on the road! Kellermann is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer the Dayron® i in the combination of daytime running light and turn signal. With the Dayron® i, the entire light surface changes from white to yellow during the indicator signal process. This light power and signal effect combination is legally available only from Kellermann!
The Kellermann Dayron®/Dayron® i was designed with great attention to detail and radiates power and strength in the design. This makes it a perfect fit for all motorcycles, from adventure bikes to cruisers and café racers. Kellermann has given this state-of-the-art daytime running light a rich yet sophisticated look: The Dayron®/Dayron® i is a functional and smart gem for any bike!

Dayron®/Dayron® i features:
  • The daytime running light is permanently illuminated when the low beam is switched off
  • When the low beam is switched on, the daytime running light automatically switches to position light mode
  • If the indicator signal of the Dayron® i is activated, the daytime running light is automatically deactivated temporarily and the indicator signal lights up on the full surface area.
Dayron®/Dayron® i variants and start of sales:
Daytime running light in black casing incl. position light (when low beam is switched on), light color white: 199.95 EUR.
Dayron® i
Daytime running light in black casing incl. position light (when low beam is switched on) + indicator function, luminous color white and yellow: 249,95 EUR.

Kellermann technic set with cables and DRL device (daytime running light module) for integration into the onboard electronics available for:
  • BMW R 1250 GS MY18
  • BMW R 1250 GS MY22/23
  • BMW R nineT (with series DRL) MY23
  • Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 MY23
Price: 249,95 EUR
Daytime running lights Kellermann Daycan® I

Kellermann Dayron®/Dayron® i overview:

ECE-approved for front
  • Extreme light output - More safety through more visibility
  • Unique brilliant luminous surface with outstanding new lens technology
  • Replaces the existing daytime running light as well as position light & turn signals on request
  • Automatic deactivation of daytime running light / position light during turn signal operation
  • DRL device: 
    • Daytime running light system completely integrated into the onboard electronics
    • Plug&Play installation with model-specific add-on kits
    • Automatic switching of daytime running light to position light when low-beam is activated
  • Flow-optimized aluminium casing
  • Kellermann HighPower LED technology
  • Long-life Protection Guard®, IC controlled, 330kHz
  • Suitable for 12 Volt DC applications
  • With M8 x 20mm mounting adapter
  • European protected design
Kellermann Daycan - position light / daytime running light for motorcycles